Before Purchasing Ride Control Products, Most DIYers Do Their Homework According to IMR Inc.’s CCAMS Study

When it comes to ride control products, DIYers do some type of research before making their purchasing decision. According to IMR Inc.’s Continuing Consumer Automotive Maintenance Survey (CCAMS), 56.5 percent of DIYers surveyed said they visited a website before buying ride control products while 23 percent said they called a store before making a purchase.

“With some products, such as lighting or filtration, DIYers feel they have enough knowledge to make an informed purchase without any research,” said Bill Thompson, president and CEO of IMR Inc. “With more complex parts, like sensors or ride control products, DIYers do more research before actually making their purchase. Our CCAMS study revealed only 20 percent of DIYers went directly to the store first while almost 80 percent either looked at a website or called a store to ask questions before buying what they needed.”

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