About IMR Automotive Market Research

To drive smart business decisions, you need sound, validated market insights about your customers, their habits, and what drives their decisions.

Since 1975, IMR has been a pioneer in automotive market research. No other company offers the breadth and depth of experience, and the rigorous methodologies that IMR brings to the table.

IMR conducts syndicated and proprietary market research studies that focus on the automotive industry including the automotive aftermarket, heavy duty and fleet segments and cover subjects such as:

  • DIY/DIFM Consumers
  • Automotive Parts and Services
  • Accessories
  • Repair Shops
  • Technicians
  • Tool and Equipment

Our research has become an industry standard due to its longevity, consistency and accuracy and, as such, is frequently referenced in industry association fact books, status reports and automotive industry publications.

IMR offers a wide range of strategic and tactical solutions that provide insight into your most pressing questions and can deliver insights that brings you closer to your customers, distribution channels and market opportunities.

We pride ourselves on maintaining strong and meaningful relationships with our clients and the automotive industry.  At IMR, we are not satisfied (nor should you be) with merely “successful research studies.”  We are only satisfied when we become a valued partner in the development of your business intelligence and growth.

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