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repair-shop-researchOur monthly Repair Shop Supplier Tracking research and Repair Shop Parts Tracking research can give you measureable insights of what is happening in repair shops across the country. We get our information directly from the shops so you know it is information you can use to make sound and informed decisions.

Shop Insights
We supply essential shop demographic information such as:

  • Average Number of Technicians
  • Average Number of ASE Certified Technicians
  • Average Number of Bays
  • Average Number of Vehicles Serviced
  • Average Number of ROs written
  • Average Dollar Value of ROs
  • Average Posted Labor Rate
  • Primary Sources for Information
  • Percentage of Vehicles Serviced that are Domestic vs. Asian vs. European

Supplier Insights
In addition to documenting shop demographics, IMR researches, monthly, the differences in parts suppliers and their usage amongst the repair shops. Our research clearly documents supplier share of shop business, their attitudes and opinions of the suppliers they use as well as how satisfied they are with their suppliers, amongst other useful insights and metrics such as:

  • Supplier Awareness (unaided/aided)
  • Supplier Usage and Consideration
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd Call Supplier
  • Percentage of Parts Purchased from Primary Supplier
  • Primary Supplier Overall Satisfaction
  • Importance of Key Supplier Attributes
  • Primary Supplier Key Attribute Satisfaction Ratings
  • Primary Supplier Recommendations and Future Purchase Intentions

Category Insights
No one provides more in-depth research and analysis when it comes to what types of services are being performed, what parts are being replaced and what brands are being used within repair shops. Some of the insights that can be gained from our parts category research include:

  • Where Shops are Purchasing Specific Parts (i.e. where shops purchase their brake pads vs. where they purchase their air filters…)
  • What Suppliers are Used for Parts Purchases if not their Primary Source
  • Unaided and Aided Brand Awareness
  • Brand Usage and Consideration
  • Preferred Brand
  • Primary Brand Usage and Other Brands Used
  • Importance of Key Brand Attributes
  • Satisfaction of Preferred Brand on Key Brand Attributes
  • Good/Better/Best Parts Usage
  • Premium Brand Usage Considerations

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