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parts-brand-researchAt IMR, we always begin by establishing the facts. It’s important to understand a brand stands for, and what its values are, especially, in the eyes of your customers. Furthermore, it’s important to recognize how these compare with the values of your competitors.

IMR has existing, off the shelf, research on many parts brands within our CCAMS and Installer Parts Tracking syndicated studies that measure unaided and aided awareness, usage, preference, brand share, brand attributes and other useful insights to help you get a quick understanding of your brand position in the market place.

In addition to syndicated, readily available brand research, we deliver customized brand studies that provide direction, insight, and uncover opportunities to strengthen competitive position. We view brand development as a mix of creativity and marketing information to uncover brand positioning opportunities in market spaces often cluttered with brand noise.

We tackle b2b branding research with a structured approach, assessing your brand’s value by measuring its performance at every stage of the brand funnel (shown below). This includes the vitally important component of awareness. Without awareness, the brand is effectively useless. Being able to measure interest is equally important since it enables us to determine whether your brand is in somebody’s ‘consideration set.’

It is important for us to measure both penetration – that is the percentage of your target market that actually uses your brand – as well as advocacy levels (those who are likely to recommend your brand).

A very useful way of measuring brand efficiency is to calculate the proportion of those that are likely to recommend your brand compared to the total number who are aware of it.

Only when you understand your own strengths and weaknesses, and those of your competitors, is intelligent brand strategy possible. Recognizing those strengths and weaknesses at different stages in the brand funnel can, for example, enable your direct marketing resources to be directed where they will be most effective. Competing brands, meanwhile, can be attacked in the areas where you can see that they are weak.

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