Shop Supplier Tracking

Shop-Supplier-TrackingThe Shop Supplier Tracking Study is a monthly tracking study that provides a deep and detailed look at repair shops and their relationships with parts suppliers. This research provides valuable insight into parts supplier share, the shop’s preferences for suppliers (WD, Retail, OE and others), the reasons why they choose suppliers and how satisfied the shops are with their suppliers amongst other insights.

This research is extremely valuable in helping understand the parts supplier competitive landscape, where it’s been and where it’s headed.


Shop Insights

We provide you with an in-depth research to give you valuable insight into repair shop’s purchasing habits and supplier preferences with insights such as:

  • Supplier Awareness (aided/unaided)
  • Supplier Usage and Consideration
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd Call Supplier
  • Percentage of Parts Purchased from Primary Supplier
  • Primary Supplier Overall Satisfaction
  • Importance of Key Supplier Attributes
  • Primary Supplier Key Attribute Satisfaction Ratings
  • Primary Supplier Recommendations and Future Purchase Intentions

Shop Demographics

Our monthly research supplies an overview of what is happening in shops across the country. We supply essential information such as average number of technicians and bays in each shop, the average number of vehicles serviced and the average dollar value of ROs. We get our information directly

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