DIY Decision Process Research

diy-decision-process-researchWant to find out the Why behind the Buy?

These custom research studies provide insight into who, what, where, how and why DIYers and make their purchasing decisions. Most Consumer tracking studies can tell us who and where products were purchased but IMR can tell you ‘why’ they bought it and what factors would most likely influence future purchasing decisions.

These research studies are designed to profile the circumstances, needs and behaviors that drive the product purchase decision processes among DIY installers and then, using this information identifies the points of influence during the decision process and for each point of influence, recommends specific action that could influence the purchase.

Identifying DIY consumers in a cost-effective manner is challenging but IMR has the ability to streamline this type of research by studying target DIYers profiled in the CCAMS tracking study. This enables IMR to pre-identify a behavior, allowing for a more direct and cost effective approach to developing a survey.

By identifying the characteristics, behaviors, thoughts and opinions of DIYers in this way, IMR’s DIY Consumer Decision Process study provides valuable market information to our customers, giving them a competitive edge in the marketplace.

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