Custom Automotive Market Research

custom-researchWhatever the issue—from product needs to brand positioning, from purchase interest to purchase decision processes, from brand attributes to customer satisfaction, from market sizing to competitive intelligence—our experienced research consultants focus on optimizing your return on investment and providing you with impactful insights and recommendations that are actionable and support profitable decisions.

IMR’s efficient research process helps you save marketing dollars; our vast data resources mean that we already have your customers and potential customers identified, analyzed and targeted. This helps you quickly implement research studies that provide the data you need to better understand your market and identify opportunities for your company.

IMR can help you:

  • Understand your customer needs
  • Identify key targets of opportunity
  • Assess brand and product strengths and weaknesses
  • Identify gaps in the market place
  • Evaluate brand and product performance
  • Develop and evaluate advertising and promotions
  • Develop and evaluate new products
  • Develop pricing and profit strategies
  • Understand market size and competitive intelligence
  • …and much, much more….

IMR has experience in researching the following segments:

  • DIY/DIFM Consumers
  • Repair Shops
  • Parts Retailers\WDs
  • Technicians
  • Fleet/Trucking
  • Tools/Equipment
  • Construction Equipment
  • Agriculture Equipment

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