Parts Supplier Research

parts-supplier-researchIn addition to documenting shop demographics and parts category insights, IMR researches, monthly, the differences in parts suppliers and their usage amongst the repair shops. Our research clearly documents supplier share of shop business, their attitudes and opinions of the suppliers they use as well as how satisfied they are with their suppliers, amongst other useful insights and metrics such as:

  • Supplier Awareness (unaided/aided)
  • Supplier Usage and Consideration
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd Call Supplier
  • Percentage of Parts Purchased from Primary Supplier
  • Primary Supplier Overall Satisfaction
  • Importance of Key Supplier Attributes
  • Primary Supplier Key Attribute Satisfaction Ratings
  • Primary Supplier Recommendations and Future Purchase Intentions

In addition to IMR’s Shop Supplier Tracking study, IMR regularly performs custom research projects on this difficult to reach automotive segment. If our syndicated research doesn’t fully supply you with the insights you’re looking for, we can design a research study to meet your needs.

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