Channel Share Research

channel-share-researchIMR covers the subject of channel share from two perspectives; that of the consumer and that of the repair shop.

Channel Share from the Consumer Perspective
This unique research study allows us to document channel share trends at both a macro, industry level as well as at a more detailed part category level such as:

  • DIY channel share trends for retailers, WDs, mass merchants and even internet based retailers
  • DIFM channel share trends amongst dealerships, independent repairs shops, tire shops, muffler/brake shops as well as many other outlets where parts can be installed professionally

Channel Share from the Repair Shop Perspective

IMR tracks channel share from the repair shop perspective through our Repair Shop Supplier Tracking and Repair Shop Parts Tracking studies. Shops tell us not only who their primary suppliers are for the shop but also who their primary suppliers are for 60 specific parts. As such, these studies document share changes at shop level and at the category level including:

  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd Call Supplier
  • Supplier Usage and Consideration
  • Percentage of Parts Purchased from 1st Call Supplier
  • Where Shops are Purchasing Specific Parts (i.e. where shops purchase their brake pads vs. where they purchase their air filters…)
  • What Suppliers are Used for Parts Purchases if not their Primary Source

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