Repair Shop’s Potential to Switch 1st Call Supplier

Automotive parts suppliers have strong satisfaction levels, with all shops rating their experience over the past few months as good, very good or excellent. Despite these strong scores, one-third of shops are potential switchers given they have considered shopping other suppliers in the past month.

Automotive Market Research - Automotive Parts Suppliers Shop Satisfaction Levels ChartThirty four percent of shops have considered switching their supplier(s) and when asked what a potential new supplier would need to do to win their business; price, delivery, quality and availability are the leading factors.

Automotive Market Research - Auto Parts Suppliers Considered Switching ChartWhen comparing shops that have their 1st call as a WD and those shops that have a Retailer as their 1st call, what would entice them to change suppliers is similar but different in their level of importance in making the decision.

Automotive Market Research - Reasons Suppliers Considered Switching Chart


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