IMR Inc.’s CCAMS Study Reveals Lack of Performance Sends DIFM Customers in for Service Related to Sensors

IMR Inc.’s Continuing Consumer Automotive Maintenance Survey (CCAMS) shows that a majority of DIYers and DIFM customers wait until either the indicator light goes on or the vehicle is not performing well before service is done related to sensors. In regard to DIYers, 27.8 percent performed sensor service when the vehicle indicator light came on, while 21.6 percent waited until the vehicle was not performing well. Even more DIFM customers (39.9 percent) waited for the indicator light before servicing sensors, while 17.6 percent of DIYers waited until performance was affected before getting the sensors repaired.

“With sensors, our CCAMS research reveals that most DIY and DIFM customers wait until there is a problem before getting a sensor replaced,” said Bill Thompson, president and CEO of IMR Inc. “With sensors, we are not seeing much preventative maintenance so this may be a product category where stores and independent repair shops may be able to grow their businesses with a proactive marketing plan to their customers.”

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IMR Sensors--Why Initially Went in For Service


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