When it comes to Replacing Tires; Many DIFM Customers Get the Message About Preventative Maintenance According to IMR Inc.’s CCAMS Study

DIFM customers don’t mess around and heed the preventative maintenance message when it involves tires. Almost 25 percent of DIFM customers surveyed in IMR Inc.’s Continuing Consumer Automotive Maintenance Survey (CCAMS) said they changed tires as part of seasonal maintenance. In addition, over 10 percent of respondents replaced tires because of an upcoming trip and another 10 percent of DIFM customers replaced tires because of a preventative communication from their service provider.

“Tires are a very visible and high priority safety item on a vehicle and many DIFM customers don’t want to wait until something happens to their tires before replacing them,” said Bill Thompson, president and CEO of IMR Inc. “Our CCAMS study shows that when it comes to tires, DIFM customers are listening to the preventative maintenance message.”

“However, our CCAMS study also shows that almost 25 percent of DIFM customers still wait until the vehicle is not performing well before getting their tires checked or replaced,” said Thompson. “With a proactive marketing campaign to these procrastinating customers, independent repair shops could really see an increase in their tire business.”

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Automotive Research Why Customers Go For Tire Service

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