Vehicle Not Performing Well Primary Reason Both DIY and DIFM Customers Get Ignition Parts Serviced According to IMR Inc.’s CCAMS Study

Whether it’s a DIYer or a DIFM customer, a vehicle not performing well is the primary reason that motorists service or repair their vehicle when it relates to ignition parts, according to IMR Inc.’s Continuing Consumer Automotive Maintenance Survey (CCAMS). Of those DIYers surveyed, 43.6 percent said that their vehicle not performing well is the reason they fixed their car while 37 percent of DIFM customers cited vehicle performance as the No. 1 reason they brought their vehicle in for service.

“Based on our CCAMS survey results, performance is the main cause for DIYers and DIFM customers getting their vehicles serviced related to ignition parts,” said Bill Thompson, president and CEO of IMR Inc. “The CCAMS study did reveal that 12 percent of DIFM motorists did respond to a communication from their service provider which ultimately led to having their ignition parts checked. This shows that at least with DIFM customers, service providers using a proactive marketing campaign with their customers can increase their ignition parts business.”

Automotive Research Study Why DIY Ignition Parts Serviced

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